Monday, September 24, 2012

Five, FIVE months. Almost 1/2 a year. Cue the tears. 

You have changed SO much this month. 

For starters, teeth. You are getting them. You have been teething for a couple of months, but finally I can see them. They aren't all the way through yet, but it looks like you have 3 teeth coming in. I can feel them through your gums, bulging out the front, but they have yet to pop all the way through. 

Food. You love to eat. You get that from your mamma. You usually nurse 4-6 times a day, anywhere from 15-40 min at a time, and end the day with one pumped bottle. During the day you eat about 5 oz at a time, but right before bed you go into hibernating bear mode and eat about 10 oz in an hr. (This is why you nurse first then need a bottle about 20-30 min later. I don't mind though because it helps you sleep AWESOME! Your ped wanted you to start on some food because you dropped to 16th% in weight (from 21st) and we did cereal a few times, but after doing my own research and just using my opinions on food, we decided to skip the organic brown rice cereal and go straight to fruits and veggies. Everyone thinks you need to start with rice cereal, but I just don't see how process cereal powder is going to be better for you than organic fruits and veggies. So your first food was avacado! You were a little hesitant the first few days, but now love it! Then we moved on to carrots, then bananas and apple sauce. So far you love it all! We usually do two feedings a day, but if you skip a meal or only want a bite or two thats fine also. We are letting you call the shots on this! 

Which leads us to SLEEP. You have had a rough couple of weeks nap wise. You were napping so amazing, 2 2-3 hrs a day. Then you started waking up at 45 min. exactly, fussing for a few min. and going back to sleep so your morning nap is usually 1.5 hrs and your afternoon 2 or a little more. Still good sleep, just having to wake up halfway through your nap. We decided to switch you from your bassinet to your crib, and stop swaddling you in your woombie (after we had just gotten the new size, darn!) and you do amazing! The first night there was some whining/crying but I think thats just because you were so over tired from not having been napping very good that day, but you slept 10 hrs your first time in your crib! Now for the last 3 nights you have been sleeping 7:30PM to 6ish, eating, then going back to sleep for another hour. And naps are going great also! I guess you just wanted to be able to flip onto your belly, which you couldn't do in your bassinet. So proud of how you handled the transition! We also added the mobile to your crib, and you will lay there for about 15 minutes before you fall asleep shouting/squealing/giggling at your mobile friends. We are convinced you are shouting at them to come down and play with you. 

Hair.  Oh your beautiful hair. It's about 80 percent gone. You still have more hair than a Lot of babies your age, in fact I still get comments from strangers about your hair (you have patches of SUPER long, like 3ish inches worth) so it's kind of funny to think how long your hair would have been if it would have stayed in. The good news is I think it's done falling out! And I can already see it growing back. Regardless, you are still just as gorgeous, if not even more so than you were with your full head of hair. 

Play. You are so interactive now! You love playing with your toys, and flipping all over on your mat. It's amazing to watch you interact with yourself in the mirror, with Jasper, and little H. 

This month you had a lot of firsts! We went to book baby story time on Monday which you loved and we will be back for sure! You went to your first, second and third soccer game! You sat on the sidelines cheering Jasper on with your sweet smiles and squeals. A couple of nights ago we went out for a late dinner downtown (past Jasper and your bedtimes) and as someone was leaving they stopped by our table when they saw you to ask if you had been sleeping the whole time (you didn't sleep a second) because they just couldn't believe there was a baby 5 feet from them for an hour without hearing you fuss for even a second. That's just who you are. Even on little sleep and you were getting hungry you were still just the happiest most content baby you could possibly be. You are amazing baby girl and I'm so incredibly lucky to be your mamma.