Monday, September 10, 2012

I was looking at the sales ad for Sprouts while watching Netflix the other night. I always flip through it when I get it just to get ideas of what to buy- I've never actually used it for sale purposes. But why?? When I was looking through it the other night I saw a whole bunch of items that said 'buy 1 get 1 free'- FREE! Who doesn't want free? I decided to actually make a list and go shopping there- I am a horrible shopper and never make lists. I think I end up spending a lot of unnecessary money, so I'm going to try to start doing a better job and do some list/meal planning. So yesterday I made my list, cut a $5 off coupon- free money!!!- and went shopping. I got all of this for $37! And everything except for the ice cream and tortillas are organic. And $11 of that is the chicken!! Pretty sweet deal I think! Do you guys shop sales? Any tips?


  1. Hello there!! I am your newest follower here...I love this post, we eat organic as much as we possibly can, so I love seeing what others are buying. I'm excited to see more from you :) Hope you can follow back!


  2. Trevor and I do this! We open up the fliers and plan our meals based on what is on sale. It is SUCH a difference in price when we do that versus just buying "whatever." And I love that at Sunflower/Sprouts you can spend so little and get such good food.

    Way to go bargain shopper!

  3. I'm such a list person ! If I don't have a list I don't go. I'm a bit extra so I will plan what we're going to eat during the week (or the next couple of days) then I list all the ingredients and I hardly ever over spend (unless I see something yummy that I just have to have right now). But my daughter goes to childcare so it's much easier to make a big batch of food for her to eat throughout the week in her packed lunch. Good luck with your mist making. I have a board on the kitchen wall, so whenever I run out of something I write it down straight away and transfer it to the list before my shop :-)

  4. I've started to do some big batches at a time too- such a time saver!