Wednesday, September 12, 2012

House divided

That's what we are over. And with elections coming up I have gotten comments from a few friends about how hard that must be, so I thought I would talk about it here. 90 percent of the time it's not any sort of issue at all. I know where he stands and he knows where I stand. Neither of us (for the most part!) try to sway the other one. I see nothing wrong with having different opinions than your spouse, in fact I tend to find it a little creepy when it seems that a couple have no own opinions and say things like 'we believe' any time an issue comes up. We are our own separate people, we were raised very differently, it only makes sense that we have our own opinions. He was raised very conservatively (hello, his grandfather is a baptist minister) and I grew up in Sweden (hello, socialism?) but with parents who almost never voted the same. He was a business/finance major and I was a political science/ education major with a passion for green living. See where this is heading? We fell in love in high school before we were even eligible to vote, so naturally that didn't influence us. Over the years I have become slightly more conservative than I was, and he has become more liberal than he ever was. We both consider us more moderate than anything, so we are able to meet in the middle on a lot of issues (especially social issues) so it works for us. And when all else fails, and we find ourselves getting into a a heated debate, we just agree to disagree. Good thing we both love a good debate! As long as we both keep it civil, and know when to stop if it's getting too heated, it works well for us. Plus how boring would it be if we just agreed on everything? I have never (and doubt I ever will) agreed with every single thing a presidential candidate (or any politician) has said or done. Nor do i expect to. How crazy would that be? So why would I expect to agree politically with everything my husband believes? What about you guys? Do you side along with your husband/ significant other on all issues? And if not, how do you handle it?

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