Monday, June 18, 2012

Tindra's Birth part three

Part one and part two

So I left off with not being able to breathe. The anastesiaologist must have seen that I was having a hard time breathing even before I was able to say anything because he immediately asked if I was having trouble breathe- I nodded and he messed with some dials or something and within a minute or two I was back to breathing normally. I still was having a hard time talking though. Not sure if it was the meds, the oxygen or just being so overwhelmed. But Drew and the nurses working on her seemed to know what to say without me having to ask and kept shouting updates across the room.

'She's doing perfect!'

'She's 7 lbs 1 oz'

'We will bring over over in just a minute!'

'Just wrapping her up now'

'Here she comes mom!'

Literally answering all my unasked questions before I could find a way to ask them.

I'm not sure how long she was over there, maybe 5 minutes? I know the anastesialogist was attempting to keep my mind occupied with small talk. He was keeping me updated what was going on on the other side of the sheet- and at one point told me how flat my belly was and that I would be ready for swim suit season in weeks. HA. I do remember believing him though and being severely dissapointed when I finally saw my stomach and it's lack of flatness.

Finally Drew brought Tindra over. Apparently someone one of the nurses had grabbed our camera during this (and part of the deliver as well, I did NOT need to see those pictures blown up on my laptop when I got home) and got some pictures which I'm grateful for.

Drew got to stand there showing me baby T while I was continuing to be stitched up. I have no idea how long this was, maybe another 10 minutes? After this we all headed into the recovery room (right next door) together, where we stayed for the next two hours.

I'm not sure exactly why were there for so long, but I think it has to do with if something were to go wrong with me they could rush me right next door back into surgery.

In the recovery room it was me, Drew, the nurse who had been with me from the start and a peds nurse. She was fantastic. I was still completely numb during this part and she had Tindra latched and nursing by 12,less than an hour after she was born.

I didn't know how much bonding we would get to do from the beginning with having a c-section, but it was more so than with Jasper even because he was taken away from me for an hour and a half or so after he was born and she was by my side pretty much the entire time.

 That's my F@CK that hurts face
Looking at these pictures I can't believe how FAT my face/neck looks! I'll be the first to admit my neck always has extra fat, but these is even more than usual! I think (just a guess?) that it has to do with the 4 IV bags they pumped me full of fluid. I guess I was extremely dehydrated when I got in- not really sure how that happened, but they put in 3 IV's full with in the first few hours and than another one at night. Yikes!

As you can probably tell I'm not only sharing pictures where I look good. I'm trying to portray honestly my days there and if I were to only show a picture where I look GOOD, there would be no pictures of myself. 

Next up, when we get to our room for the next few days.

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