Friday, June 29, 2012

Frozen Hot CHocolate!

If you are in part of the country that's having this ridiculous heat wave (is there anywhere that Isn't ?) you should definitely try this. 

On our 4th day of OVER 100 degree temps (104 to be exact) my friend texted me saying I absolutely had to try frozen hot chocolate. She texted me the ingredients and luckily we had everything here! 

She's like me and doesn't cook using an exact recipe, just throws ingredients in, but doing it this way it turned out amazing. 

 You need butter, chocolate chips ( i used semi sweet AND white chocolate because DUH!) sugar, hot chocolate, hot chocolate, evaporated milk, and ice
 In a double boiler, melt butter, sugar and hot chocolate mix
 Next add in chocolate chips
 Once that looks like this, add about 1/2 the can of evaporated milk
Mix well- than take off eat and let it get to room temperature. Don't be tempted to skip this step or it will be too thin of a consistency.

Once it's sat at room temp for a little while ( we waited about 45 min. total) you throw it in the blender, add some ice and the rest of the evaporated milk- blend and ENJOY


  1. Ohhh this looks like the perfect way to cool off. And so pretty in the mason jars. I'll have to try a vegan version!