Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We had fun plans for Father's day. We were going to go to Pirates Cove, an awesome water park just 20 minutes away. But right as we were getting ready to leave our friends house after a pool/grill out (literally my hand was on the door and T was in her car seat) when I hear a thud and Jasper's screams like I've never before heard them.

Him and our friends daughter R had been playing on the couch and he jumped off the couch and somehow landed right on his chin, busting it open. Blood was gushing and I knew right away we would need to make an ER trip. We got it cleaned up and the bleeding stopped within a few minutes but could tell it still probably needed looked at.

3.5 hrs in the ER, FIVE stitches, a popsicle for J and juice for his dad who almost fainted and we were on our way. I'm certain I aged about 5 years from the experience, but Jasper was so So brave. I was a very proud mamma- he did amazing. 

So no waterpark Sunday but we did have a good day anyway. J let us all sleep in till 9, than we got the dad in our life coffee and did a little shopping and BBQ for lunch. I'm not a fan of BBQ type food (well mainly the meat) so we rarely go but since it was HIS day I could of course suffer through ribs, or the sides rather. 

After nap we headed to see Madagascar 3- it was a super cute movie. As I was nursing T in the dark movie theater (yay for finally being brave enough for public nursing!) I thought about Jasper's first time at the movies. Seeing Harry Potter (his favorite) when he was 3 and a half. And here T was at her first movie at 8 weeks old! Things are certainly different for kiddo number 2!

Hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh lord, what a nightmare! I'm glad it ended up okay.