Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tindra's Birth part four.

A little after 2 PM, about 4 hours after getting to the hospital, we were moved to 'our room' for the next 3 days. The move there was horrible. I wasn't as numb anymore, and every little pump felt like my insides were going to fall out. When they (3-4 nurses) picked me up off the bed to move me to my bed I thought for sure they had jostled some organs around. 

Around this time I started to get super itchy. Something nobody warned me about. It felt like little ants were crawling all over my arms and face. Apparently a side effect of the medicine used during delivery wearing off. I kept taking my oxygen mask thing off (and being yelled at nurses because of it) but my nose just itched so badly I couldn't stand it. They gave me some benadryl and that almost instantly made the itching stop, but it also made me super drowsy for a while. I remember nurses asking me questions and I tried to answer, but I just couldn't form words. I was answering in my head though! And at first I honestly thought I was saying my thoughts out loud, and was super confused when they weren't acknowledging my answers. 

The 45 min I dozed here was pretty much the only sleep I got the first 24 hours.

After we attempted breast feeding again (extremely painful with a c-section because sitting up is almost impossible in the beginning) they took her for half an hour for a bath, which Drew got to go with for. 

After her bath Jasper showed up to meet her for the first time! He was SO so excited. She was 6 hrs old by then.

 Mamma on morphine is Not a good look... 
After Jasper left I started bugging the nurses about eating. I was Starving at this point since I hadn't eaten since dinner the night before. My 'dinner' arrived. Which was clear chicken broth. I kid you not. I was supposed to be on a clear liquid diet for at least 24 hours.

I downed that chicken broth, and the nurse was nice and bought me a pack of saltines. As in two crackers. Luckily for me Drew saw where she got them, and he smuggled a handful more in for me to munch on. 

Next: Our first night in the hospital and why I couldn't get even a minute worth of sleep. 


  1. She is beautiful, BEAUTIFUL

  2. Such a pretty baby and such gorgeous locks! We go through so much for these little ones but they're so worth it. btw I think I would've snuck out of the hospital if they'd brought me broth. A girl needs to eat! But kuddos to you for following instructions.