Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road trip

Ten hour road trip, 1 way (turned into about 11.5 hr road trip) with a 4 year old and 7 week old. No we aren't crazy, I promise. Our patience was tested several times, but all in all the trip went great. Jasper has always been an amazing traveler (that's what happens when you live 700 miles away from your closest family) and now Tindra needs to become a great traveler as well because we still live 700 miles away from our closets family members. 

She did great on her maiden voyage across the midwest. We didn't leave till almost 10 at night since Drew didn't get off till after 8 and we still had to pack up the car. She slept Great most of the way. She ate a little when we stopped for gas around 2AM and ate and stretched in Omaha at 6. That was a long stop. Between feeding her, spilling hot starbucks all over the front seat and a screwed up breakfast order you could say our patience was very thin. But once we had food in our stomachs, and coffee was cleaned up we were good to go. 

Our trip back went just as smoothly. We didn't leave till about 2:30 on Sunday and stopped in Lincoln ( 3 hrs from our start) to visit Drew's grandparents for a couple of hrs. We didn't get home till 3:30 in the morning- and get this, I stayed away with Drew the WHOLE time. I don't usually. I'm a bad co-pilot. And he always drives at night (my night vision isn't the best) and does really well with it, but we were both exhausted after not getting to my moms till 3 AM after a wedding Sat. night so I thought Id stay up with him for a while, and it ended up being all night. We just got to talking, reminiscing about the past, talking about the future, and all of a sudden we were taking our exit off of I25 and pulling up to our bungalow. 

The trip was short but great. It was good to see family, and a few friends and show off Baby T to everyone. We will be heading back again in a few weeks for my brothers wedding and I'm Really looking forward to that trip because it will be about 2 weeks- much more relaxing! I always try to jam way too much into a trip back because I want to see everybody! 

 Tindra fell in LOVE with the hammock out at my mom's
 Meeting cousin Linnea for the first time! They are just 5 months a part and will soon be joined by my sister's baby boy! 

 Cousin dance party was totally happening. Linnea's big sister. 
 This was my favorite tree to read in growing up. So fun to see Jasper enjoy this tree as much as I used to

I love city living, but it's so good to go back home to the Iowa countryside as well. Best of both worlds! 

As you can see we did cloth diapers during the trip! I'll post more about that soon. 


  1. Wow! Cloth diapers the whole time, that's awesome! That's a [someday] parenting goal of mine! As well as good travelling kiddos, soooo I suppose you're my inspiration!

    1. I didnt cloth diaper Jasper and I SOO wish now that I would have! If I would have only known how easy it was! :)