Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tindra says:

"Mamma has big boobies. Why TeeTee (what she calls her self) has no boobies"

Me "Tindra has boobies too, all girls do" "No those not boobies, those my nipples (pronounced neeeeeples)

"Oh no, what happened to your hairs" After seeing me step out of the shower after a recent trip to the waxing salon since you know, I can no longer see my lady bits. 

Me "oh look powpow (her fox) is over there on the floor" Thank god she's easily distracted. Because I'm not exactly prepared to discuss Brazilian waxes with my way too observant two year old. 

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  1. are you kidding me? she's the funniest

  2. She's officially the greatest

  3. Hahaha my daughter always tells me that my boobs are big and I tell her that one day she'll have big boobs to and she goes NO WAY YUCK!

  4. okay dying over here laughing so hard

  5. Best thing I have read all day! She's a character