Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little Sicky.

My poor little monkey has been super sick since Friday night so I have been taking a computer break (first time I opened my lap top since Thursday) and enjoying the extra snuggles. 

Friday night she woke up in the middle of the night crying so I brought her to bed with us, and then 30 min later she sat up gasping for air. We headed off to ER immediately where we spent the next 4 hrs (till 4:30 AM) getting steroids and breathing treatments and watching bubble guppies on the iPad. Oh and eating popsicles. Jasper and Tindra both thought it was pretty awesome to get popsicles at 3 AM. First time for everything!

After a croup diagnosis we finally stumbled into bed (me in Tindra's room with her) and got a couple hours of sleep. Saturday was spent cuddling and watching movies, as was Sunday, (with a little dunkin donuts run, which really was more for Drew and I who NEEDED coffee) and we found an empty park to let the kids get some fresh air and run around. Don't worry, as soon as I saw another car pull up with kids we headed home immediately. 

I took T back to the peds yesterday as I didn't think she was improving as much as she should have been, and they agreed and after another round of steroids, she's feeling much better today I can tell!

When she's cuddling me, she's obsessed with 'petting the baby dinosaur' her hand always has to be on him. And last night, I took her into bed with me (still in her room) after midnight and she kept reaching around me no matter which way I moved to have her hand on my belly. I can't wait to see her as a big sister! 
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  1. aww hope she feels better! How did her eye surgery go?

    1. it went really really good! completely corrected both eye alignments and she shouldn't need glasses anymore! At least not for now :)