Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Halo Sleep Sack Giveaway!

I think the first baby items I was gifted with Jasper, almost 8 years ago (!!) was a Halo swaddles and sleep sack. After he outgrew the size small we promptly got the next size up because it was the only thingthat would keep our baby hulk confined. He slept in a sleep sack forever because I was paranoid about the no blankets in bed rule.  Years later, we used those exact same swaddles with Tindra, and I can't wait to dig them out of the garage and use on this baby as well! 
From Halo:
HALO Innovations is dedicated to putting the health, safety and well-being of babies first. In fact, over 1,200 hospitals use our HALO® SleepSack® wearable blankets through the HALO Safer Way to Sleep Initiative.  This summer we launched our new bassinet, the HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper, furthering our commitment to helping babies sleep safely.

Have you seen the new bassinet they have ? It looks pretty amazing and I'm trying to convince Drew we Need it for this baby. 

Halo has some great sleep tips for moms as well:

  • Place baby to sleep on his or her back at naptime and at night time.
  •  Room-share, but don’t bed share; the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend against bed sharing as it can lead to an increased risk for accidental suffocation.
  • Use a crib or bassinet that meets current safety standards with a firm mattress that fits snugly and is covered with only a tight-fitting crib sheet.
  • Remove all soft bedding and toys from your baby’s sleep area (this includes loose blankets, bumpers, pillows and positioners). The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests using a wearable blanket instead of loose blankets to keep your baby warm.
  • Offer a pacifier when putting baby to sleep. If breastfeeding, introduce pacifier after one month or after breastfeeding has been established.
  • Breastfeed, if possible, but when finished, put your baby back to sleep in his or her separate safe sleep area alongside your bed.
  • Never put your baby to sleep on any soft surface (adult beds, sofas, chairs, water beds, quilts, sheep skins etc.)
  • Never dress your baby too warmly for sleep; keep room temperature 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Never allow anyone to smoke around your baby or take your baby into a room or car where someone has recently smoked.

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And now, one of YOU will get the chance to win your very own SleepSack of your choice! Visit Halo and come back and let me know which one you would choose! And make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner! 

*WiNNER: Via Random.Org Comment #3, Raising Rockefellers

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  1. I love the elephant one!! Thats what I would pick liz fisher@ yahoo.com

  2. Jenna sykes @ gmail.com

    I don't know what I'm having so I would get the light green one! Great giveaway! love halo

  3. We LOVE the Muslim swaddle blankets we have, and would so love to try the muslin pink elephant sleep sack!! ❤️

  4. Olivia Ralston, I would get a pink one for my niece due on Christmas!

  5. I LOVE all the pink ones!!! Especially the elephant!! I need one for my baby girls arrival here soon!!! Plus I never win anything! Des_babyy@yahoo.com

  6. Elephants are great for my unknown gender baby. lindseypatry@gmail.com

  7. I love the cotton pink! It is so cute. My email is perezashley60@hotmail.com
    I have entered. Thank you.

  8. I would pick one of the gender neutral ones, maybe the green one? They all look awesome!

  9. Jen Houston- i love the striped animals!

  10. I would get the blue wearable blanket. We are using one of the swaddle sleep sacks now, and it is my favorite baby item! kiarabuechler at gmail dot com

  11. I love the elephant sleepsack and would pick it!

  12. We'd love the 100% Cotton Muslin Elephant Pink juttaGeisele (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. The green sleep sack is adorable! lldicker(at)mail.usf.edu

  14. I love the diamond turquoise elephant! We don't know what we're having yet, hopefully by the end of this month. :) Great review! jgranatino at yahoo dot com.

  15. i like the stripped animal sleep sack! so cute! larissakasper (at) hotmail (dot) com

  16. striped animal sack!!

  17. i;d like the HALO® SleepSack® Swaddle Micro-Fleece Space Robot =)