Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A little bumpdate: 21 (almost 22) weeks

I think it's time for another one! I'll be 22 weeks in just a couple of days, and part of me thinks this pregnancy is flying, but then the other part feels..the opposite. 

We are entering one of my favorites parts of the year though so I now November and December will fly with the snow, and all the fun things we have planned for the holidays, but then January and February are sure to drag on, as they always do, and then March= Baby month!! I can't even believe I'm typing that out. I can't quite imagine yet what life is going to be like with THREE, THREE babies! Okay Jasper is probable not considered a baby anymore. And maybe not Tindra either, but to me they still are so roll with it. 

I had my 20 week ultrasound last week and everything is looking good! He was in there and kept pulling his legs up to his head, I could have watched him all day. I think sometimes I forget that there's an actual person in there. I know how idiotic that sounds, but its just easier to imagine that I'll have a baby to meet in 4 months, not that he's actually already in there growing, eating, yawning, playing with his feet, doing those things he will be doing outside of my stomach soon. Sometimes I can't wrap my head around it. And yes this is my third time going through this, and each time it's like it comes as surprise to me that there's an entire human being inside of me. 

Lets see, cravings. I have been craving a Sonics Cherry Coke like no other for the past few weeks. To the point where I'll drive once or twice a week 25 min round trip (why is there not one closer??) just to get a cherry coke. Don't worry I ask for extra ice so I'm probably actually only getting like 6 oz of soda and the rest is the delicious little ice cubes that I could eat all day! 

Size of baby, wellll my handy dandy what to expect app says that this week the baby is 10 oz..where as over a week ago they told me he was 13 which I think is a 'decent size baby' for 20 weeks. So I'm guessing he's going to be a big one like his big brother. Tindra was average size but Jasper was just a couple oz shy of 9 lbs so for some reason I think this one will be on the bigger end as well. 

Weight gain, my favorite topic...never. I'm up 13 lbs, which I didn't think was too horrible, but then I went and investigated (thanks blog) and found that around same time in the pregnancy last time I was up 8 lbs so... I'm going to blame halloween candy on that one. But I cut myself off 3 days ago cold turkey so hopefully not inhaling 6 recees peanut butter cups a day will help slow down that weight gain. 

And apparently I haven't taken any belly pics lately (like three this entire pregnancy?) So I'll get on that! Trust me, the belly is out there. 
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