Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why we won't be winning any parenting of the year awards..

For weeks Jasper has been working on a loose tooth. It's practically all he has been talking about. He Really wanted to lose one while he was still officially in Kindergarten. A lot of kids in his class have been losing teeth all year, and then having the tooth fairy come and visit, it's a pretty big deal.

So last Sunday we are on an evening family bike ride. I'm in the lead with miss T, followed by Jasper and then Drew in the back. All of a sudden Drew tells me to wait up, so I stop, turn around and see Jasper off his bike looking at the ground. 

"I lost a tooth I lost a tooth! At first I thought it was a rock in my mouth, so I spit it out, but then I thought 'hey, I don't put rocks in my mouth' so I figured out it was my tooth!" Word for word what Jasper said. 

So naturally, we are all looking on the ground for Jaspers tooth. But I'm positive we aren't going to find it. And we didn't. Jasper did! He found the tiny baby tooth that he spit out! We pocket it, go grab some ice cream at McDonalds to celebrate, because like I said, losing your first tooth is a preeeety big deal. 

All night long he can't stop talking about the tooth fairy coming to visit him, he's so excited he can barely fall asleep.

I had been anticipating this tooth falling out, so about a week before this I had gone to the store and gotten some diving toys for him from the tooth fairy, so I was totally proud of myself, I was On my game! 

After Jasper fell asleep Drew cleaned the kitchen, I cleaned the playroom and living room then we got ready for bed and watched a movie before falling asleep. 

Can you see where this is going? 

The next morning I'm sitting on the couch, sipping my coffee and checking my email, up before the kids for once.

Jasper comes out of his room with such a hurt look on his face. He looks like someone has just killed his puppy. 

"Mom! The tooth fairy didn't come"

Shitshitshitshitshit goes through my head. 

The tooth fairy forgot to come. My (our, Drew takes responsibility here too) first time with tooth fairy duties, and we forget? Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Luckily, if I can do anything, it's think quickly on my feet. So I blurt out

"I think I just heard something in the kitchen! Maybe the tooth fairy came in but you woke up early (it was early, like barely 6) so she probably left! She doesn't want you to see her! Hurry up and go get back in bed, maybe she will come back if she thinks your sleeping!"

Jasper hurries back to his bedroom, and I grab the diving toys I have hidden under the couch (don't ask) and 3 one dollar bills and leave it in the kitchen by the fire place, because the tooth fairy comes in through the fire place right? 

Jasper comes out about 15 minutes later as I'm making his breakfast and he discovers what the tooth fairy has left him. The tooth fairy is forgiven, and he leaves his tooth under his pillow that night as well in hopes that she will come back for his tooth.

She remembers to come this time, and leaves more money under the pillow, trying to ease her guilt.

All ended up okay, but I don't think I'll ever forget the look on Jasper's face when he believed the tooth fairy hadn't come. It broke my heart. I felt like such a mom failure. But you better believe the tooth fairy won't ever forget to make a stop at our house again! 

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  1. I lost my first tooth while riding a bike too! I'm glad you were able to pull out a tooth fairy miracle in the end.

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  3. Worst mom ever! Just kidding. You save the day so all is well!