Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family bike rides

This past weekend we finally went on our first family bike ride. Jasper has been riding a bike without training wheels for about a year, but in the past two months we have been getting him 'road ready', working on following safety rules etc. instead of just riding around at the park. And we finally got Tindra's helmet we ordered so it was time!

I'd be lying if I didn't say I about had a panic attack letting Jasper ride on the side of the road and in the bike lane, but we stayed around our quiet neighborhood streets and had a good system with me in the front, then Jasper followed by Drew. Jasper Majorly impressed me with how amazing he did and how well he listened!

And Tindra, she couldn't have loved it more! I was a little worried, since she is going through a phase (okay not so much a phase as a personality thing) where she absolutely Hates being strapped in anywhere. Stroller/carseat etc. But strapped into her bike seat with helmet (which I also thought she would throw a fit about wearing since she refuses to even wear a bow most of the time) she was on cloud 9! She sat still, happily for our almost 3 year bike ride on Saturday night! Stopping for pizza and ice cream I'm sure didn't hurt either!

After I put my new helmet on for the first time Drew told me I looked like an easter egg with my yellow bike and green pants. And also if anyone needed more proof that I'm not a Denver hipster as I've been called a few times, here's me in my blue helmet. Pretty sure helmets are very un hipster, and I'm definitely not a fan of helmet hair,but in this family it's safety first! Besides, if I can help it I don't like to be a hypocrite, it would be hard to tell Jasper that he has to wear a helmet for safety reasons and then not wear one myself. So I'll be looking like a pastel colored easter egg from know on!

It's been a little silent over here this week, it's taken me three nap times just to do this post! Tindra is going through some major teething drama, and hasn't wanted to be put down at All. Plus Jasper is now home for the summer (yay!) so most of nap times has been spent with him! Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. What a great way to start off summer! Can I ask where you got your baby helmet?

    I completely sympathize with the whole teething and school being out. Teething has made for some very loooong nights for us. No more school has been fun, but doesn't leave much time for just mama.

    Country Bunkin Mama

    1. I got it on amazon! I don't see the exact one we got right now but I just searched infant bike helmet, works great for smaller heads! :)

  2. So fun!
    Teething though? Not so much. Hang in there!
    And enjoy your time with Jasper!


  3. SO Cute! Your such an amazing momma.

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