Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stuff my kid says

While watching the voice

Jasper 'mamma when are you going to go on the voice?'
Me 'oh probably never'
Jasper 'why not??'
Me ' because you have to be a really good singer'
Jasper thinks about it for a minute..

'sing for me, I think you could be on the voice you have a lovely voice' (yes he used the word lovely)

I sing a fantastic rendition of Sammy Seal from his Alphafriends CD his teacher made him

He studies me for a minute when I'm done.

'welllllll you probably shouldn't go on the voice but I still like it when you sing to me'

Thanks buddy, I sure do like singing to you as well, even if you don't think I'm Quite 'The Voice' ready. 

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