Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story of my life

In 250 words or less. (These didn't count!)

Born in Florida, moved to the Virgin Islands,then South Carolina, back to Florida and then to Sweden- all before I was three. Also spent a year in Bali, Indonesia before moving to Iowa in 4th grade. I'm the middle of 5 and I think having a big family is the absolute best.

Drew (husband) and I have been together since senior year of high school. I was a bit of a wild child then, but he 'tamed' me down. I transferred out to Colorado after my freshman year at Northern Iowa to be with him. Jasper came into our lives in the summer between Sophmore and Junior year, and our lives have never been the same. They have been so much better. And they just keep getting better.

I have the worst case of wanderlust of anyone I know. I can't stand to live in the same place very long. We are going on a year and a half here in our house in Denver and I'm ready for a change. Again. I'm constantly searching job postings in Sweden for Drew, but really, would move just about anywhere just for the change/experience. Now that Jasper has started school, it's harder just to pick up and move, so we will have to wait for the best opportunity for everyone.

In all of my free time (ha!) you can find me reading in the sun, taking pictures or day dreaming about Europe.
Drew and I circa 2005
Okay I'm not going to count how many words that is, but that's got to be close.


  1. Love this! I wish I remembered to participate!
    Can't wait to read all your posts this month!