Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Break. Jaspers version of it anyway.

Jasper's spring break was a couple of weeks ago, and since it was his first 'official' spring break I wanted to make it as special and fun as possible.

We went to an indoor pool filled with slides, a lazy river and pool playground.

We had playdates with friends he doesn't get to see very often since they are in different schools.

We did a lot of baking!

We went to the zoo.

We had a mamma/Jasper date where we went out for ice cream and to a movie.

We went to the library. Decorated easter eggs and went to several different parks.

Lots of fun stuff right? All packed into the first 5 days of his spring break. Then on the last day, he got sick. Then stayed home from school for another two days After spring because of said illness.

So when he went back to school, he got to make a book about how he spent his spring break. I gave him plenty of material, so it should have been an exciting book to create. Right?

Here's Jasper spring break book.

 A picture of himself (I guess) with the caption " I don't feel good"
 And here's a picture of him throwing up different colors of gatorade. 

And here he shares all the different places he threw up. 'I throw up in a bowl (bole) I throw up on the floor. I throw in my room and I throw up in the living room. It was not fun'
At least he concluded with this. In case you can't read 5 year old writing/spelling " My mom took care of me when I was sick" and theres a bald me. And a very long haired Jasper.

So while apparently he quickly forgot all the fun outings we did, at least he remembered that I took care of him. It's the little things right?