Sunday, May 5, 2013


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Lately our weekends have been so busy, and this one was no different! Saturday was filled with Jasper's soccer game and an out of town birthday party. And Sunday we met friends at a little festival (for lack of a better word, I really don't know what to call it!) where they had live music, some food vendors and kid activities. The day was over cast and a little bit chilly, but it ended up being perfect!

Jasper spent probably 30 minutes on the rock climbing wall and he was Loving it! They had different 'courses' and he did every single one and made it to the top each time. The hardest one he had trouble with, so after he had completed the rest, he went back and did it again and again till he made it to the top. He was So determined, and wouldn't give up till he made it. So proud of this little man. The guy running the rock climbing wall came up to me while he was climbing and told me we Have to get him rock climbing, said he had the natural talent and determination that he would need. So looks like we are off to find some rock climbing walls! Random, but I actually took a rock climbing class my freshman year of college and loved it! And we live in Colorado, so it's no surprise to anyone if he becomes a little rock climber. As long as he sticks to the indoor walls, this mamma heart couldn't possibly handle him actually climbing up the side of a mountain! On the other hand, maybe we should get him into golf or something. That seems like a safe enough hobby. 

I've been having so much fun learning to shoot in manual, so be prepared for lots of pictures! 

 Men and the babies

 Seriously delicious 'atomic' burgers
 Jasper getting a lion face painted on