Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A very Swedish weekend!

So obviously my favorite kind of weekend!

Saturday was the annual Long Kalsong concert. The Swedish school Jasper goes to and another Swedish organization host it and bring these guys over from Sweden for a kids concert and it's always so much fun. I think Jasper Really enjoyed it this year since it was his 4th time going and each year we buy a CD so he knows a lot of the songs to sing along with!

And Sunday was his Swedish school graduation. This is always one of my favorite days. Watching/listening the kids sing the same Swedish graduation songs I grew up singing is something pretty amazing. And always makes me tear up. Reminds me so much of my child hood in Sweden and makes me even more determined to move there as a family. It will happen. If I say it enough times it's bound to come true right? Thought so.

Anyway. Jasper's class (and all the other classes!) did such an amazing job, singing in another language is Hard! So Hard! But they did fantastic. Pippi Langstrum (or Pippi Longstocking to most of you) came by and sang as well, which was the cutest thing. And all the kids were so 'star struck' around her. Jasper was being super shy (So not like him at all!) and wanted me to hold his hand and go up to her with him. So adorable.

On top of the concerts/plays put on by all the kids, everyone brings in Swedish food for the smorgasbord, and between that and the Swedish Christmas buffet it's probably my favorite meal all year long. Fact- Swedes know their food.

After the concerts and food all the kids headed out to play with Pippi (not actually sure that's what she intended to happen, but those kids stuck to her like glue and she was an amazing sport about it) and some of the adults went around for a 'tipspromenad' sometime they do in Sweden at basically every large event, weddings, picnics, you name it. It's basically a 'walking quiz' where there are different questions and you go on a little scavenger hunt to find the questions and answer them (multiple choice) on a piece of paper. Then you hand in your answers and see who wins. Well all the questions were obviously in Swedish (not a problem) About Sweden (a bit of a problem) Geography, celebrities, landscape, etc. questions- sort of like a who wants to be a millionaire type questions. Super hard for someone who hasn't really lived in Sweden since 4th grade. But I walked with my friend and her mom and dad who were here visiting from.....SWEDEN. So, we figured we would do pretty well with their help.

There were 12 questions, and guess who got 12 right, ME! I won first place! I was pretty excited. There was one questions were her parents had no idea what the right answer was, so my friend guessed one answer and I guessed another and apparently I got it right. Yep, I was pretty excited to pick up my awesome new nalgene bottle!

So that was our very Swedish weekend. We also managed to get some cleaning done in and out And get our pool set up. Too bad it will be July before the water isn't ice cold!


  1. Aww, this brings so much memories back (for me it was dutch school)!
    Seems like it was a fun weekend!

  2. Love catching up on your life girl. Hope you and the family are doing well :) xoxo