Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Field Day.

Jasper's kindergarten had 'field day' last friday so the girls and I ventured over to watch. They had so much fun watching the big kids do their thing, and Loved all the attention. Apparently kindergarten girls are obsessed, and I mean Obsessed with babies. And Jasper, the always proud big brother definitely enjoyed showing them off. And apparently, bringing your baby sister around is a great way to get all the girls to crowd around and talk to you. Though that could be a daily occurrence even without that babies there, wouldn't surprise me one bit. He's got charm his father never had (sorry Drew, it's true.)

 Here my little gentleman is letting all the girls dry off their wet hands on his shirt. 

Days like these make me So incredible grateful to be able to stay at home home so I'm available to do all these things. I always have said I would work once all my kids are in school full time, but how would I be able to to be there for Everything, even things as trivial as field day?


  1. hes so lucky to have you! and how cute is that, letting the girls use his shirt

  2. you are definitley lucky

  3. Aw he looks so happy that you are there!

  4. Field days are so much fun! Glad you could be there!