Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mamma/Jasper date

On Sunday during Tindra's afternoon nap Jasper and I stole away for an impromptu mamma/Jasper date. My intention was once miss T came into our lives I would make sure to make alone time with Jasper a priority. I promised to myself that I would get away with him biweekly for some us time. Unfortunately life gets in the way, and opportunities for us to get away haven't been very often. Especially with until recently Tindra was nursing frequently, and with Drew's crazy work hours, it just sadly hasn't happened how I had intended.

Instead we make Tindra's afternoon nap our time. By then he has just gotten home from school, so we have an hour to play games, read, play outside, talk about his day just us two.

Anyway getting off track here. Sunday there was a street fair going on just a few blocks away, so we went down to check it out and grab some ice cream. It was going to be a quick hour just the two of us, but instead it turned into 3 hours of ice cream, rock climbing, hamster ball rolling and, Jaspers favorite, bungee jumping.

We waited in line for 90 minutes so Jasper could go bungee jumping, but the five minutes of pure joy and thrill for him was so worth it.

That's Jasper rolling around in that big ball on the left, I couldn't get any closer for a better picture since I was saving our spot in the bungee jump line! If that would have been me rolling around in that ball I'm 100% positive my ice cream would have come back up. 

Jasper made a new friend in line. Listening to their 'mini adult' conversation was just the cutest thing ever. 

I look forward to years and years of mamma/jasper dates with this little man. 


  1. These are the things he'll always remember :) Such precious memories!

  2. i love hearing about your mom/jasper dates! So special. I can't wait for my son to come this fall!

  3. How fun!! I bet it was a blast to hang out doing these fun activities!!

  4. seeing your relationship with your son makes me so excited to be a mother some day

  5. you are always taking him on such adventures!

  6. Fun! i can't wait for Micha to be old enough to enjoy mommy/son dates!