Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This weekend was CRAZY busy! But most of the time I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday night I met up with a bunch of the moms in Jasper's kindergarten class for dinner and apps at a fancy bar/restaurant in Cherry Creek. 2 things about that, 1) I need to remember that I'm a light weight now and these drinks were STRONG, 2) I got carded. Which was Super embarrassing. FIne if you are out with people your own age, but when you are out with a bunch of PTA moms most probably in their late 30's early 40's, you do Not want to get carded. Oh and 3) sweet potato chips with white cheddar sour cream and chive dip are to die for. Seriously.

Friday I was a chaperone for Jasper's field trip to Disney on Ice- they ended up having so many chaperones that we all just took our own kids and met his class at the pepsi center. How crazy is that? 21 kids in the class and I believe 15-16 chaperones? I was nervous how Tindra would do since she doesn't like to be just sit and be held for very long. She wants to roll around and explore, but thankfully it all went great and we all had so much fun! We went two years ago to Disney on Ice also, I think Jasper had a much better time this year. Maybe because he's older? 

Friday evening we went to Bass Pro to see the santa. I had heard it was good, but I was shocked how much there was to do there! Which is a good thing because we got there at 5:45 and were given an 8 time slot so we had some time to kill! They had toys, a carousel, crafts and a huge aquarium to entertain the kiddos. The time slot thing actually worked out good because we were then only in line for maybe 10 minutes. 

Saturday we had some errands to run in the morning than we had a few Swedish friends over to make some pepparkakor and choklad bollar- gingerbread snaps and chocolate balls. The kids ended up getting bored after 20 minutes of baking and all ran outside to play in the 20 degree weather. Swedes do love the cold! The kids were having so much fun playing that the baking party lasted till after bed time. Jasper was so exhausted after his friends left he went straight to bed. About 30 min after he was asleep I remembered he hadn't eaten any dinner- just cookies and chocolate balls. Whoops. Mother of the year!

Sunday was our busiest day with Jasper's soccer game and his Swedish class celebration (more on that later) and yesterday both kids had a little runny nose and cough. FUn huh? 

How was all your weekends? 

Anyone done Christmas shopping? 

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  1. You should've flaunted that card! They WISH they could get carded! ;)