Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I wrote this last Thursday, was going to finish and post on Friday. But then it seemed so trivial. Still kind of does, but here it is anyway. 

Some of my favorite memories growing up in Sweden was celebrating Lucia day. It's a BIG deal over there, and I'm not even sure why since Saint Lucia was Italian? Regardless, it's a big deal. Everywhere on December 13th it is celebrated with a Lucia train, lusse bullar (safran buns) girls in white dresses and candles in their hair. Daycares, schools, offices, churches, they all have the Lucia train. 

Girls dress in long white gowns, boys either in long white gowns with a star hat, or as santa's or little gingerbread men. 

This year we got to be a part of TWO Lucia celebrations thanks to the Swedish Christmas market and Jasper Swedish class. 

On top of the Lucia train there's also singing, dancing around the christmas tree (so much fun!) and of course a swedish 'julbord' Christmas table- filled with amazing things to eat. Swedish meatballs, ham, different potato dishes, like 20 different kinds of cheese and bread, heaven I tell ya. 

I was going through an old photo album and found this gem

That's me in a Lucia train in elementary school in Sweden. The boy to my right is Robin, my good friend in Sweden's,( Sofie) twin brother!

And here we are all grown up at his sister's wedding last summer in Sweden

This morning, to celebrate Lucia day we ate saffron rolls by candlelight. Not quite the same as doing it in Sweden since in Sweden it would still be black and night outside till 8:30-9 AM and if we wanted to do it in the dark here we would have had to be eating by 6:15. Not gonna happen, no matter how cozy it is.

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