Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Parade of lights

Sat night was the first time we have ever gone to the Denver lighted parade. I have No clue why! It was spectacular! Actually I do know why, last year it was about 4 degrees, and I think years before that we have been traveling. But this year, it was a nice 40 degrees at night (almost 70 during the day!) and perfect!

We decided to catch the light rail by our house and take it downtown instead of dealing with parking/traffic and it was definitely the right decision. Even though we almost didn't make it on because it was PACKED. Standing room only, and barely even enough room for that. Also, thank you Denver for passing 64, now people don't even try to hide the fact that they are carrying pot around. It's lovely. (Sarcasm if you didn't catch on to that) 

Taking public transportation always makes me miss Sweden and wish we were living there. Someday!

Jasper loves parades and even T enjoyed the lights! She fought sleep the entire time and ended up being awake for almost 7 hrs straight! 

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