Thursday, December 6, 2012

Can I get a do over?

This morning was horrible. 

We over slept.

Then Jasper tripped and fell on the brand new open washing machine which I'm Pretty sure is now broken. But at least he's fine.

Tindra bit me while nursing again. HARD.

Then we couldn't find Jasper's homework.

Or shoes.

Then a nearly full bowl of cereal was dropped on the clean kitchen floor by a certain 5 year old.

Who also refused to get dressed.

I then snapped at him. And now, hours later, still feel so horrible. 

We were running late for school so I had to go sign him into the office. 

(Instead of teachers getting him out of the car if we are on time) 

Wearing bright blue leggins (as pants!) with cheetah print shoes. And gross day 6 hair.

Had to pass half the PTA moms standing outside the office chit chatting away. 

Then I came home. Cried into my lukewarm coffee. 

Not about the now messy kitchen. 

Or about the fact that the PTA saw me looking like a hood rat. 

But that I had snapped at Jasper. I felt like a mamma failure. Which is the worst kind of failure.

So I would like a do over of this entire morning.