Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm so excited to introduce you guys to the lovely Sarah Ann from The Reverie Blog she's another Denver mamma that I WILL meet up with soon :) Her blog is pretty awesome so go over and introduce yourself!

I was really excited when I "met" (blog style--we have yet to meet in person, Darlene!) Darlene because I hadn't found many other Denver mommies in the blogosphere. Networking and getting to know other mommies around the world is so incredible; but there is something special about stumbling on to the space of someone who really knows where you're coming from.

I think Darlene and I are on the same page, loving our city and still longing for a bigger one or another overseas adventure. But there is so much to love about being a Denver mommy. Here are a few of the reasons why I love raising my daughter here--feel free to chime in!

1. The weather! It's always so amazing here. Even when it's hot or it's cold, we so rarely see those unbearable extremes. It makes it easy to get your kids outside, to be active, and to plan fun things about the day without worrying about an all day storm.

2. Parks! When you have a 17-month-old, little holds her attention as long as a park can. And while City Park is our go-to and near and dear to my heart, I love all the options we have. It's an easy and free way to explore new parts of the city, get out and enjoy the weather, and do something I know my little girl loves.

3. Food! Denver is such a healthy city. I love being on the go and knowing that, yes, I can stop at Liks for a delicious ice cream cone; but if we need lunch, there's no need to drag my kid through the McDonald's drive through. The healthy, fresh options for eating in this city are endless.

4. Neighborhoods! I love how this town is set up like an old-school big city. We can walk out the door of our house and just head south, and we're passing through the friendliest, most stunning old neighborhoods. But if I feel like a change of pace, I can head to a different section of town, walk the residential area, and we get a totally different vibe without ever leaving the city. Downtown Denver offers the conveniences  a suburban mommy needs; but there's always some good city grit to be had too!

5. Bikes! And because Denver is set up this way, biking is so easy! We throw Iris on to the back of our bikes--which she loves!--and we can get anywhere easily and quickly. It's a really fun way to spend a weekend, biking through the old neighborhood, swinging through the park, and then hitting some trendy cupcake shop on Colfax before dinner. 

What do you love about being a Denver mommy?

Sarah Ann Noel

Aren't they an adorable family?!!? Go check them out to hear more about Denver living with their adorable daughter and another on the way!


  1. I'm just exploring the reveries blog and read about it only for a few days now and get stuck on a day to day read.I love how charming and witty she is in her post.

    Blogging is such an amazing outdoor in the internet world that opens a lot of knowledge and friendship. I'm more exploring now to moms blogs the same way as to fashion post.

  2. Love Sarah! Thanks for a good glimpse into Denver!