Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Exhausted ramblings

*I'm SO glad I discovered THISiced coffee. I love my iced coffee but I've never had a 'home made' version I can tolerate. So $4 starbucks drinks were the way to go, but then I found this for $4 for a whole container! It easily lasts me 3-4 days.

*I've been doing the single mamma thing since Thursday while Drew was in DC for his brothers wedding and he finally comes home today. I'm used to doing it all during the week with some help at bed time but weekends are OUR time, so having him gone was unusual. I hate when he has to randomly work a half day or something on a weekend but we made the most of it. AND it made me realized he does help when he's here. Sometimes I throw myself a little mental pity party and think I just do it ALL 100% on my own, having him gone 5 days/nights made me thankful for the little things he does at night to help such as: unload the dishwasher, take out the trash (which is piling up, I think I've taken out the trash ONCE since we moved in but walking down the dark alley at night to the dumpster/recycling bin is so not my thing) get Jasper ready for bed time while I feed and get some T snuggles in, help with dinner IF he's here in time- all that those things do help me at night so thankful he's back tonight! 

*Besides the hour before bed time, it was actually kind of nice to have some alone time at night. I borrowed my friends sewing machine and am attempting to learn how to sew. I've found some 'how to' blogs but I think they were written for people who actually already know how to sew...so it's been interesting to say the least.

*We made the most of our days alone and stayed BUSY- trips to target, whole foods, the library, two parks, Ikea (Can't decide if I was brave or insane for taking two to Ikea alone on a Saturday) and endless time hanging out in our pool since it's finally cooled down to a much more tolerable high 80's 

*I'm sort of glad the Olympics are over. But sort of sad too. Mostly just glad because I can start going to sleep before 1AM.

*Which brings me to the main reason I'm so tired. Not crawling into bed till 1:30, waking up every time your baby grunts (she's a loud sleeper) then up to feed her at 5 and up for the day an hr later makes you just a wee bit tired. Considering letting her start to sleep in her own room? But Not sure I can  handle that yet! 

*Wondering how much sleep I'm Really going to get since now SHARK WEEK is here. Let's face it, probably best week all year of TV (minus years with summer Olympics)

*Jasper and I have playing Kindergarten every day for an hour or so during Tindra's morning nap. Playing Kindergarten entails him sitting at his desk (a gift from my sis a few years ago) with me next to him making work sheets for him and practicing his sight words. He's getting So good!!

*Just discovered a blog/forum that's dedicated to hating on blogs. What the? Is this for real?

*And lastly, this picture sums up why sweden is so awesome. This is the King (and queen) of Sweden cheering during the Olympics. Awesome right?

*PS. Speaking of Sweden and Olympics- so since my kids have duel citizenship does this increase their odds of being in the Olympics some day since they could probably compete for either team? Jasper's got some moves in the pool. And in Gymnastics..Just saying. 


  1. omg thats awesome. and yeah i bet they could compete for either country! better be the US though ;0

  2. baaha the chick in the front? Awesome. and yeah you for all the trips with both kids- when my husband is gone we board the door shut! -Sarah

  3. you blog/talk an aweful lot about sweden. whats the obsession. -A