Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Boy

This little man is FIVE. I'm still in shock and denial. He is growing into the sweetest, smartest little man and I couldn't possibly be more proud of him.

We woke him up friday (the one day a year we break the no waking up sleeping babies/kids rule) with a big cupcake and a few presents. We have started the swedish tradition of waking him (and later T!) up with presents and breakfast in bed, except for now we do it a little different with cake and presents but maybe next year we will start doing the actual breakfast in bed!

 After he opened a couple of presents in his room we brought him out to the kitchen for the rest of his presents and his favorite breakfast, swedish pancakes with nutella and a side of strawberries. 
 We (Tindra, Jasper and I) then spent the morning at the Children's Museum- though he had a tough time leaving all of his new toys behind! We met Drew for lunch and once again, Jasper was allowed to pick anywhere he wanted to go and he chose Mad Greens for a chicken ceasar salad. How awesome is this kid? 

After nap we played in the pool and Drew made it home early to head to the park to practice riding his bike and pizza for dinner. I think he had a great 5th birthday!

On Saturday we had a little BBQ-Pool party, but of course I was too busy to take pictures. Who has time to host 20 people at their house AND take pictures of it? Not this mamma. But he had a great time then as well and we couldn't have lucked out more with the weather. It finally cooled down (for 1 day only) to mid 80's, so it really was a perfect day! 


  1. I LOVE that our kiddies have such close birthdays! Happy birthday to your little man :)

  2. aw happy birth little man