Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two weeks already!

Baby T had her two week appointment (2 days early) and she was back up to her birth weight already! The pediatrician (who I love!) said they like them to be up to her birth weight by 2 weeks and even 2 days early she was past it by an ounce! 

She has also already grown 3/4 of an inch and 1/2 inch around her head! Mamma's milk is working pretty well I guess! 

At 2 weeks she wants to eat anywhere from every 1.5 to 4 hrs. She will even go a 4.5-5 hr stretch from about midnight to 5! It's impossible to figure out what sort of schedule she is on or when she will want to eat next since she is all over the place. And when she does eat she will nurse anywhere from 20-40 minutes so at this point it feels like all I'm doing right now is nursing or getting ready to nurse. Luckily my mom has been here for this whole week which has been a huge help with Jasper. Drew's family comes on Monday when she leaves, and I've got to admit I'm a little worried about how it's going to be with just the three of us home. Hopefully by then she will be on a tiny bit more of a consistent schedule and maybe not eating quite as frequently? One can hope.

Sorry this is all over the place- my brain hasn't quite figured out how to function yet on such little sleep!

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  1. I love her perfect little cupid's bow mouth! So cute...