Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Home ALone. Finally

Yesterday we had out first day alone just the three of us (Tindra, Jasper and I) after over 2 full weeks of visitors. At first I had been dreading this day, I was super nervous, but 2 days in to my MIL's visit I was more than ready! 

It was very helpful obviously having visitors (my mom especially) but in some ways it made things more difficult. With Jasper. We couldn't get on any sort of routine, he got used to someone entertaining him basically every second and I was just ready for it to be us.

I'm pleased to say we all survived the day! Even more than survived- we did great. Minus the 5 oz of freshly pumped milk that I spilled on the kitchen floor, which I definitely shed a tear or two over. Not only did everyone get dressed and fed (okay some of us got fed about a dozen times..I'm talking about YOU T) but I managed to do a load of laundry, a long walk and even a trip to the park. Oh don't worry the house still looks like a disaster- but baby steps people!! 

Let's hope it continues as smoothly as yesterday and the first half of today has gone, because the last few weeks haven't always been such smooth sailing! 


  1. Glad everything went well on your first day as a trio :)

  2. Oh I know exactly what you mean. We had visitors the first two weeks also, I cried, I wanted my space and to just enjoy my new little family!! Congrats and your successful day!