Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My plan to getting my body back to somewhere I'm happy with. Don't worry I won't be starting this till after my 6 week check up! Until then I will be walking 30-45 min. a day at least.

1. Pilates! Three times a week.

2.Thirty Day Shred

3. Eat whatever I want (I am breastfeeding a growing baby girl so I won't do anything that could hurt my milk supply)

4. Drink a lot of water.

5.mama mio boot camp for tummies-- ill be doing this for sure! I was sent this to review and I'm super excited to try it out. Can't wait to get started!
That's all I've got. Anyone have any tips for losing weight, toning up in a healthy way while breastfeeding?

I can't believe I'm getting ready to show these online.. but here they are, belly 2 weeks and 2 days post c section.

And here a week later at just over 3 weeks. Not much or any difference. Boo.

Hopefully the next time I do an update I won't still look 4 months pregnant! 


  1. You look absolutely wonderful :) I can see a huge difference between week 2 and 3. Just think of the difference at week 5&6!

  2. Girl, you look fantastic! But I have heard the 30 day shred is an awesome work out! Happy toning!

    1. I did it once and could barely sit after and I was in much better shape then so I'm sure I will DIEi!

  3. Honestly, you look really great for three weeks out. You will be back at your fighting weight in no time.

  4. You look great! Believe me, your eyes see differently than what really is there!

  5. You look great girl, I can def. see the difference between the 2 weeks.

  6. My girl was born on April 16th! And yes, they have the same hair :)
    I started working out at 3 weeks. Because I felt good enough to do it. You honestly look really good!