Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Officially a Kindergartner!

How is that possible? My baby is now a kindergartner. It became official last week when he graduated from preschool and I filled out even more paper work to start K in the fall. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't an emotional mess last week. 

We started out by having Swedish school graduation last Sunday. It was my first time going since having Tindra, and it was so much fun showing her off to everyone. Everyone there had been watching my bump grow from week to week, the last two months asking every time when I was due because I'd been preggo's forever! 

I get nostalgic every year at Swedish school graduation. They sing the same graduation and summer songs that I grew up singing every year in Sweden, and the Swedish national anthem still manages to bring tears to my eyes every time I hear (which to be fair is Not very often!) 

There's my little man in the back row in the blue peeking out. He did So good with the songs- I have a little video I took and when I look closely I can see his mouth moving right along the entire time in Swedish. Makes this mamma Proud!

After Swedish graduation came preschool graduation last Thursday. And more tears were shed. I was doing fine until the pastor (his preschool is at a church) started talking about how this was just the beginning. That soon we would be walking them up to Kindergarten, and before we know it we are driving away after dropping them off at college. I started bawling. It was way more than this hormonal mamma could handle. 

I'm just So incredibly proud of him. 9 months ago I dropped him off basically while he was kicking, screaming and crying for me (hardest day of my life possibly) and now? I can't even begin to tell you the change in this little man.

 They have the same 'rooster' hair style! 

Excuse the horrible quality iphone pictures- mamma of the year over here forgot the camera. In my defense getting two fussy children ready, fed and out of the house during witching hour while trying to pump and get myself ready proved to be somewhat challenging on my own. Breast milk was spilled on a grilled cheese. True story. I ate most of it anyway. The non soggy parts. 

So now I have a soon to be Kindergartner and 5 week old home all day. This was our first week with out preschool and all I've got to say thank God it's only a four day week!!

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  1. Aww! This is so sweet! Congrats to him!

  2. Where has the time gone? Bittersweet I bet :) THAT baby girl is too cute for words! xoxo