Monday, December 12, 2011

Picnic in the Park. Swedish style

Or at least it Felt very Swedish.
Growing up in Sweden we played outside for hours every day. Rain or shine. or Snow. Or - freezing weather. They live by the saying ' There is no bad weather, only bad clothes' and I love this mentality. 

We make an effort to play outside every day, even if it's 5 degrees and COLD. We just bundle up really well and keep moving! At Jaspers preschool (and I think all the schools around here) they will only play outside if it's only 40 degrees or warmer. I HATE this. Just because it's less than 40 degrees doesn't mean it's not warm enough to be outside, but at least we don't live by that rule at home!

So Sunday we headed to Wash Park for a little picnic. It was 30 degrees and sunny, and ended up being the perfect picnic weather. First we walked around the park for 40 minutes ( mamma's trying to walk at least 30 min. a day) before playing and eating our delicious bagel sandwiches.

Jasper kept saying he needed to excersize and needed to run ahead of us. He would stop and sit down and let us catch up to him- and then take off running again. 

The only thing that would have made this even more perfect (and made it more swedish!) is if we would have had a thermos of hot chocolate. Next time! 


  1. that rule is crazy! in MN our school district is if the windchill is below 0 then it's inside. otherwise it's outside they go! all winter long!

  2. 30 min a day walking - a great idea! I love being out in cold weather as long as I'm bundled up appropriately! It's great having a dog, gets me outside everyday whether I'm in the mood initially or not. And our dog loves walks!

  3. oh, i miss wash park!! that just gave me a serious pang for our many long and cold walks around the pond.

    i was relieved yesterday at my tour for harper's new preschool that they basically go outside everyday unless it's raining hard. "kids love the cold" she said and i tend to agree (with the right clothing, of course)!

  4. found your blog via Polarn o Pyret on facebook! love it! i have a 2 year old and LOVE to take him outside, even when it's cold. we have a lot in common... I've lived in Sweden, studied in Karlstad, and make sure we just bundle up (layers) to go outside. Thanks for your blog post. I haven't bought any polarn o pyret yet (mainly b/c we've gotten great items from family in Sweden & Germany, and REI), but it will be a go-to place for us in Years to come. I love that store! And I know the store in Karlstad! small world.

    1. oh my gosh i JUST saw this comment, my stupid email doesn't always get blog comments sent to me anymore, need a techie to help me figure that out! Where did you live in Sweden!! Do you still live there? I love connecting with fellow Sweden lovers like myself :) That store was like 1/2 a block from our apartment! What did you study at Karlstad? Okay enough with the 20 questions, but hopefully you see this :)