Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Over Halfway!

Wohoo!! Feels like a good milestone to celebrate. 

On Sunday I was 20 weeks, and since I'm having a scheduled c section, I will be having baby 19 weeks from yesterday!!!

How far along: 20 weeks 2 days. 
Size of Baby: A banana! 11 oz

Total Weight Gain:   + 8 lbs total. 

Maternity Clothes: Some jeans and leggings but can wear regular jeans and leggings as well. Bought my first maternity shirt Every yesterday ( didn't wear any first time around)

Gender: Ultrasound today shows still Girl!

Movement:Yep! Definitely feeling her several times a day 
Sleep: Some nights great- others, not to much. 
What I miss: Fitting comfortably into all my old clothes
Cravings: I'm back on those damn hot pocket kicks!! I ate FOUR in 12 hrs...gross. BUT delicious.
Symptoms:Out of breath easily, pressure, 
What I’m looking forward to: Leaving on Thursday for TWO WEEKS home (iowa).

These pictures were all taken yesterday at our annual Christmas decorating party.  Michelle went all out and had fun crafts for the kids, along with the  cookies to decorate, santa hats for the mamma's and rudolf hats and noses for the kiddos. 
 2o week and 18 week bumps. I was complaining about how my bump is SOOO much bigger than her's even though I'm only 2 weeks ahead of her- and she was complaining hers wasn't as hard as mine and still in that soft 'is she isn't she' pregnant stage- so I guess the point, pregnant women complain a lot :)

 Cutest Rudolf ever!

ANd for fun, here's some pictures from our first cookie decorating party two years ago. These guys were all 2 and still in diapers- now they are all (minus the girl in the jean dress) in preschool. It's such a huge difference. And the mess that was made at our house 2 years ago letting 5 2 year olds loose with icing and sprinkles was ridiculous. This year, I don't even think a sprinkle got on the floor.

 This picture cracks me up- Ella trying to be discrete about eating icing off the spatula and jasper not trying to be discrete at ALL about dumping sprinkles straight into his mouth.
2 years later and the 5 of them are still besties! So special. 


  1. The kids with the noses... beyond adorable. Congrats on hitting the halfway point!

  2. Yay for a growing baby! Your bump is the cutest!