Wednesday, December 7, 2011

His heart is So big.

Last week Jasper got a note sent home from his preschool saying that on Tuesday they would be celebrating Jesus' birthday and instead of bringing a present for Jesus, could all the kids pick out a box of cereal and bring it in to donate to those in need.

Jasper was excited to go to the store to pick out a box to bring. He wandered up and down the isle before settling on a fun looking box. As he put the box in the stroller he said he was so excited to share his cereal and eat it at Jesus' birthday party.

I had to re explain that he wouldn't have any of the cereal, he was bringing it to people that didn't have cereal.

'but mom, I don't have this cereal at home Either, so I need it too!'

I had to tell him that there were kids that didn't have Any cereal at home. Or oatmeal, Or yogurt with blueberries ( his favorite breakfasts) or even enough food for them to never be hungry. He looked upset and said 

'well, we better get TWO boxes then so they have lots of breakfast' and then he walked up and down the isle again choosing another box of cereal to bring. 

Made me so proud, almost like he Gets it. I know he's not old enough to really get that people go hungry and don't have enough food. I mean I have a hard time understanding how there are people in this country (and throughout the world) that are hungry all the time, so I don't expect my 4 year old to get it, but he kind of does. Or at least he gets enough to realize he wants to help, and that he wants to do MORE even than what was asked of him.

After we got home from the grocery store I had an email waiting from Door to Door organics about a food drive they were doing, and if wanted to leave canned food on our porch- they would pick it up when they drop off my weekly fruit/vegetable order.

So we continued with the giving lesson and went through our canned goods (we don't have much canned goods since we eat mostly fresh) and got a pile together to give away.

When D saw the pile this morning he asked kind of grumpily "why are you giving away my chili beans" 

Jasper replied

"Because dad. People are hungry and Need it!" 

And with that, our 4 year old put us in our place and I went and grabbed my favorite, kind of expensive at like 5 dollars a can soup, that I hadn't wanted to put in with the pile to give away.

It seems that our son gets the spirit of giving to those in need, maybe even more than mom and dad. 


  1. Awww! So sweet! Proof of great parenting ;)

  2. What a great kid! I love it when kids learn the spirit of giving and helping others at a young age. It makes them grateful for what they have!

  3. Very touching story! And what a great kid!

  4. Such a sweet story and little boy you have!