Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa party!

Every year my friend throws a 'Santa Party' for the kids. This is our 2nd time going and it's So much fun for everyone! She arranges for santa and his helpers to come by on a firetruck and comes in and all the kids get a chance to sit on his lap and talk to him. It's so much more personal than the mall santa- so special!

This year she added a new twist to it- all of the parents were to bring a little 15-20 dollar present for their kid, wrapped from 'santa'- without the kids seeing (this was Tricky!) we stuck the presents in a bag for santa to bring in and pass out to the kids.

Jasper could Not have loved it more. Getting to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what he wanted "A computer, a watch and a Harry Potter scarf" and tell him all about his baby sister he was getting. The only negative? Santa kept asking him if he had been a big GIRL this year. Jasper said I'm not a big girl I'm a big KID. Which didn't clarify anything for santa who still thought he was a girl. Maybe it's time for a hair trim.

 This picture cracks me up- reminds me of Grease when Danny is trying to feel up Sandy at the movies. 

And a couple of pictures from last years party!

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  1. How cute! He doesn't look like a girl at all! That happens to me with my daughter. She will be in all pink and some old person will ask if it's a girl or boy? I don't even think she looks like a boy... uggggh.