Thursday, July 8, 2010

So far so..fine.

I'm 6 hours into this only raw fruits and veggies thing and its harder than I thought! It must be a mental thing because I don't usually even eat breakfast, more of a brunch around 10- but by 9 I was hungry. I think its more of a 'cant eat' thing thats getting to me. If you tell me I cant have something- well then that's what I want, or even feel like I NEED.

Here's breakfast and l lunch for today. I ate them both, breakfast at 9:15 and lunch at 12. I've also drank 60 oz of water so far and have been like 6 times already. So so far, so fine. I'm not going to say good because that would be stretching it.

Oh and we weighed ourselves this morning. According to our scale (not sure how accurate it is) I weigh 129 and Drew weighs 150. We will weigh again tomorrow and Sat. morning. Not really sure if the scales will show anything different after only a couple of days.

Looks like my computer is being dumb and doesn't want to let me upload my food pictures.

For breakfast: 20 oz glass of water, 8 oz glass of juice (organic, thick substance almost like a smoothie) a handful of raspberries and some cantaloupe.

Lunch: 20 oz glass of water, 8 oz glass of juice, large handful of cashews, salad ( lettuce, cherry tomatoes, half a cucumber and some salt) half a banana and large carrot.

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