Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fav new products

I had heard several people mention Laura Merciers tinted moisturizer. I have never been into the whole foundation thing. Actually I HATE foundation- I have bought several different kinds and they always feel gross to me. And I don't really like the look on foundation. I hate when you can tell someone has it on- so for those reasons I have always stayed away. But a when a friend and I had fun at a make up counter (Laura Mercier) and the girl did my make up using the tinted moisturizer and I LOVED it. I wasnt a huge fan of the $42 price tag, but if it lasts me a while I'll be happy.

I also recently bought Pixi Gel Liner. So far Love it. I love the little brush that comes with it, and I like the look of a gel liner so much better than a regular pencil liner. Can't wait to go back and get a bronzer to test out. So far looving Pixi.

Thirdly I also bought a Laura Mercier blush. Also a product I tend to stay away from, but have been pleasantly suprised!

*Picture taken right after I had my make up done at the Laura Mercier counter in Nordsroms. Wish I could have my make up done every day!

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