Saturday, January 2, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Was a great one! But SO incredibly busy.

We took a 10 day road trip to Iowa to celebrate with our families, and the kids had just the best time with their cousins/aunts and uncles and grand parents. As did Drew and I of course. We even managed to sneak off for TWO date nights! One was to finish up Christmas shopping so I'm not positive that counts, but when we leave the house so seldom together alone, we are counting it. 

Our kids were spoiled with THREE different Christmas celebrations, not to mention Santa making a special stop here on the 27th to drop off their big santa presents. I'm still digging our way out of our living room disaster and I'm pretty sure I'll be unpacking/organizing and doing laundry through half of January. If I'm lucky.

I had all these plans of wanting to meet up with different friends while back..guess if that happened. That's a nope. It just got too busy between spending the first couple days at a hotel down the street from Drew's parents house and then the week at my moms (45-50 min away) and finishing up shopping/seeing family that it just didn't happen. Next summer, friends!

New Years eve was super relaxing. We just lounged around, stuffed ourselves with all the carbs, blew up an air mattress and watched movies and then after letting the kids stay up till 9 they went to sleep easily and Drew's brother and SIL came over and we played games till just after midnight. Wild bunch over here!

I've got lots of hopes, dreams and goals for the new year I'll come back and share later. And of course I need to hear yours!

Until then, some Christmas in Iowa pictures!

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