Sunday, January 24, 2016

That time I cried at the Doctors office.

Yeah that happened. 

We had this big insurance mess, long story short- our health care plan that we have had 4 years through Cigna apparently wasn't Obamacare compliant and as of Jan 1st was no longer valid. How did we find this out? While at Walgreens picking up Jaspers $350 medicine that we had to pay out of pocket for since our insurance got canceled. Awesome right? 

So fast forward a week, we have health insurance again but we had to switch to Kaiser...Not happy about that at all. I've heard mostly negative things. But it is what it is. Can't be that bad right? 

So I made Drew and Jasper appointments for Thursday, back to back appointments. During the day leading up to the appointments I get FOUR phone calls from Kaiser, moving Jasper's appointment around so he could see a pediatrician because first they hadn't scheduled him with a ped. Great. Thanks Kaiser! We get to the appointment at the new time (30 minutes later than first appointment was schedule) and they tell me I missed our appointment and they have no record showing that he was switched over. They tell me now he has to see a nurse, who can't actually do what we needed done at the appointment. And won't be able to get him his meds. 

This went back and forth for probably 10 minutes with the front desk lady telling me I was wrong, no one changed chis appointment blah blah blah. At this point I'm so mad/annoyed/frustrated that he's not going to get seen and get his medicine that the tears well up.. I HATE THIS. Anytime I get super mad, the tears come. And there's nothing I can do about it. Finally the Other front desk lady (the nice one) goes back to talk to the doctor/his nurse. The nurse comes out, super duper friendly and apologetic and explained that the pediatrician moved Jasper over to his service himself, and someone else moved him back, and that he was going to see Jasper. Big sigh of relief. 

We saw the pediatrician and I really liked him. Thank god. Because the rest of the Kaiser system? Not impressed so far. 

After being seen we head upstairs to pick up his meds. They have a pharmacy right inside to make things super easy! Perfect. Except, not when they screw up his prescription and we have to wait OVER AN HOUR, with three kids in the waiting room. So our 20 minute appointment ended up being over 2 hours and Jasper missed his basketball practice. Fun. And I cried. In front of a waiting room full of people. They probably thought I had a super sick kid or something and felt bad for me. 

Anyone have any POSITIVE Kaiser experiences? Does it get better. I sure hope so, otherwise apparently there will be a lot of tears at the Doctors office for at least the next year. 


  1. Im so sorry that happened to you. I have only had posit Kaiser experiences! Hopefully it was a fluke.

  2. same thing happened to me. so i switched