Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A very Christmasy weekend

Last weekend I realized that it was our last weekend in Denver before heading to Iowa for Christmas so we had a lot to pack into the weekend! 

Saturday morning we headed to Bass Pro to see Santa. I love that you get a time slot there and don't have to wait in line forever. I thought we were doing pretty good and getting there at 9:20 since 10:00 AM is the first time slot to see Santa. Wrong. It still wasn't early enough and we couldn't get a time slot till 12:30! Insane.  But the kids still had lots of fun walking around and playing the different games there while Soren napped in the lillebaby, and then we walked across the street and grabbed lunch before heading back to see Santa. 


Tindra is Still not a fan of the man in red. I really don't know why! We talked about it before and she seemed fine, but kept saying she didn't want to sit on his lap. Then when it was our turn she clung to Jasper and even let out a tear but Did want to go see him, just didn't want to get too close. And she whispered 'a barbie pop up camper and a new bible' when he asked what she wanted, so that's progress!

After naps it started to snow, and we had planned to go to the Denver Zoo lights and didn't let the snow stop us. We just bundled everyone up in their snow suits and made lots of hot chocolate and off we went. We've never gone while it snowed before and I think it might have been my favorite year yet. It wasn't crazy packed like usual (guess not everyone is a fan of 18 degrees and snow) and the snow just made it more magical. Seeing these experiences through my kids eyes, there's just nothing like it. Even Soren was completely in awe of the lights all around him and he stayed awake the entire time even though it was 2 hours past his bed time. 

And then Sunday was Lucia at Swedish School. Another magical tradition. 

We couldn't find a day to squeeze in going back to the North Pole like last year, but we will be back next year! With THREE kids who can do all the rides! 

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