Wednesday, September 2, 2015

3rd Grader

 Last Monday Jasper started school and all of a sudden we have a THIRD GRADER. A third grader who did Not want his parents (and siblings) walking him into his class room the first day but toooo bady buddy. We did it. But we let him sneak off to the carpet without embarrassing hugs. Or we almost did anyway. Tindra cried out "but I didn't get a hug and a kiss!" and the amazing big brother that he is came back and gave her one. But not his parents. We have officially reached the whole 'my parents aren't cool anymore' phase. I thought we had at least another couple of years before that started but Nope. Not cool anymore. Damn.

 It needs to be said that his hair was wet when these pictures were taken. NOT greased back with hair gel. He has been trying to convince me that he NEEDS gel, but so far hasn't convinced me. 

The days somehow fly by pretty fast when we have the whole 'take jasper to school and picking him up' thing to deal with. They fly, but at the same time drag a bit because we miss our J so much. He was my big helper this summer and we miss him SO. But he was so ready for school to start again, and needs more time with kids his own age so its a good thing. Just another one of those hard changes. 

I kept saying to Drew over and over the weekend before he started "Can you believe he's in THIRD grade? Can you believe we have a THIRD GRADER" Yes, emphasis on the third every time. I just don't understand my 8 pound 9 oz little squish is an independent little man. Time seriously needs to slow down. 

With the start of school came the start of nightly homework as well, and soccer practice. (Tindra starts in two weeks!!) I always think summer is so busy and things will slow down when fall hits. H A. Jokes on me. Life somehow just got even busier. But life is good in our Denver bungalow. Life is good. 

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