Monday, September 28, 2015


Tindra started preschool two weeks ago, and she absolutely Loves it! She just marched right in and waved good bye and that was that. No tears, no running back for extra hugs (though today she was super reluctant to leave and I got the extra hugs a few times) which shows just how ready she was. 

Her mom on the other hand, not to ready. Its been two weeks now and it still feels like I'm forgetting something when I leave without her. Today I had brunch with a friend (big bonus to this pre school thing, I can brunch! With just one baby!) and when we went to leave I kept looking around positive I was forgetting my keys, or phone or something, and then realize I felt that way because I always have another little hand to hold while leaving a restaurant. 

Hopefully I can use this time to get some things done during the week that are nearly impossible with a three year old who refuses to play by herself for even one minute. Soren will usually take a little nap around then so I might even get 45 extra minutes to myself twice a week! 

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