Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sweden Part 5: More of Ljusdal

Like I said in my last Ljusdal post, we spent most of the time there just relaxing and hanging out are our friends house out in the country. 

Amazing 'smorgas torts' (sandwich cake) for my friends birthday 
These girls..can't say enough amazing things about them. They were my elementary school BFF's and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it's been to connect with them again as adults. 

^These pictures were all taken on a little walk we took to a beach just down the street from our friends house (red house above) ^

Oh just taking a nap outside in the rain. He slept like two hours out there. 

Riding a moped or whatever that thing is at my Uncles House. Drew couldn't believe (but was glad) I let him ride off on that thing. But it was just through the grass and down the street. 

My dads younger brother. And the lake behind his house 

These two (friends nephew) had so much fun together even though Jasper speaks little Swedish and he spoke even less English. 
Twin Sandwich! 

Kubb Playing. Fun game. Look it up. 

These two were both pregnant, and have gone on to have two beautiful babies (a boy for Jessica on the right and a girl for Sofie. And I might have been like a second pregnant here. One day we will get all these babies together! 

*I started this post like two months ago..* 

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