Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day at Water World

Our friends from Sweden arrived late Saturday night and Sweden hasn't had the warmest summer this year, so we decided we needed to visit Water World with them so they could get some swim time in. We had four adults and 4 kids, ages 5 months to 8 years and it was so much fun for everyone. SO much to do! I wish we had been able to go on even 1/4 of the slides that they offer, but with four kids, there just wasn't enough time! Now I get why people get the summer memberships there, you would need days just to get through all the attractions once! Most of the time I hung out in the kiddie pools (three amazing ones) but Sofie and I did sneak off and do a really fun (super fast/scary!) ride and Drew and I took the big kids on the some family friendly ones. And of course Drew and Jasper went and did some of the bigger rides as well. 

The weather was perfect in the morning, and then a storm came in the afternoon sending us first to shelter and then we decided to leave since rain + 2 infants probably isn't the best combination. I can't believe we have lived here almost a decade and this was our first time there! We kept waiting till it would be fun for everyone, but turns out Water World is fun at every age, so we will definitely be back next summer!

Thanks for having us Water World

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