Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday rambles

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Our was filled with bike rides, pools, hikes, mountain creek playing, donuts at the park and as much out door time as possible. I can feel summer slipping away and I feel this panic that I didn't get everything that I wanted to. I feel this way every year at the end of summer.

I guess you can tell it's been a good/busy weekend when I took exactly 4 pictures..and 3 of them at a delicious deep dish pizza place we finally tried. SO good. I am boring and usually just get cheese pizza, preferably with a LOT of cheese. But this time I tried the special, a greek slice and it didn't disappoint at all. I may or may not have been thinking about that slice of pizza ever since…

We finally got Tindra registered for pre school for the fall, and my first thought as soon as I completed registration was "Yaay she gets to go to school!" and my second, immediately after thought was "AGH  she's going to preschool!" and feeling super sad about it.  My big girl is growing up! But it will be So good for her! And if I can manage to get Soren to nap during that time, think of all the things I can accomplish! Maybe clean laundry won't sit for weeks waiting to be folded!

And now we are off to the park! As soon as Soren decides to wake up! He always decides to take nice long naps when we have plans…but I never wake a sleeping baby unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Happy Monday!

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