Monday, May 11, 2015

Denver Summer Bucket List

Jasper and I have started working on a bucket list for everything we want to do this summer, and I think it's a good one! Some of these things we have yet to do, some of them we do every summer. So if you are local make sure you check some of these places out!
1. Bikes rides to Cherry Creek farmers market And Pearl Street Farmers market. We are lucky enough to kind of live in the middle of both so we enjoy biking to both of them, but the Pearl Street one is a bit of a climb back since we are uphill from it!
2. Centennial Splash Park. It's a good one. 
3.Bikes rides to our library weekly to get new books. Jasper will be having at least 30 min quiet, solo reading time a day during the summer so this is a must!
4.Pirates Cove.
5. Water World
6. Movie in the park
7. Eating most of our meals outside on the patio
8.Confluence Park
9. Mornings at the Zoo

10. Nature and Science Museum
11. Art Museum
12. Cherry Creek Reservoir
13. Hikes at : Bear o the lair; lake isabella 
14. Local pools
Okay that's what we have so far, it's a work in progress.  Only a few more weeks of school left for him for the summer and then he's all mine!! Tindra is almost as excited as me to have him home all day. 
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  1. Sounds like fun!! As much as I love 'toddler' micha and 'baby' Adam I can't wait until they're Jaspers age! It seems like so much fun!!

  2. nice post, thanks for sharing