Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A little nap time mothers day shopping for..myself

I've reached that in between phase in my clothing/size and I'm not a fan. I've lost most of the pregnancy weight (thank you breast feeding) but still have about 5 pounds to go. But even with losing most the weight, I'm bigger, wider, saggier, and know I will be for months. My body is not one to quickly bounce back like some (lucky B's.) 

So I'm at that cross road of 'my maternity clothes are toooo big but my pre pregnancy clothes, mainly bottoms, are way to tight.' So whats a girl to do? Naturally do a little shopping on Forever21 and call it a mothers day present to myself. A few cheap, but new (breast feeding friendly) pieces makes me feel like a new woman while my body s l o w l y goes back to my normal size. A few of these pieces made it into my cart.

Any other places you like to buy super affordable pieces you know won't last but don't need to? 

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