Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Yesterday Tindra Helene Birgit turned three. I honestly don't know how it's possible. If could time could stand still for a few years now that would be fantastic. Except maybe wait a few weeks till Soren is out of the 'I refuse to be set down from the hours of 3PM and midnight. Once he's out of that it can freeze.

We spent the morning jumping our little hearts out at the trampoline/bouncy house place and then we had a surprise (and by surprise I mean surprise..even I didn't know she was coming till like 12 minutes before)  visit from Elsa in the evening and she spent an hour painting Tindra's (and Jasper's) faces  and nails, reading a book and singing and dancing. Tindra was basically in heaven and keeps asking when Elsa is coming back to play. And naturally she insisted on sleeping in her dress and wearing it again today. 

 One day

 One Year
Two years 


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  1. She is such a beauty! Happy Birthday!

  2. She's seriously beautiful