Sunday, April 12, 2015

Birth Story

Sorens birth is somewhat of a blur already so if I don't hurry and jot some things down I'm afraid I'm going to forget it all. Except for the 'bad' parts. I doubt I'll forget those parts ever. 

Everything was going good as we were prepping for the c- section. This time the nurses noticed my veins and decided instead of trying to stick me 10 times they would just get an 'expert' in right away. Their words. So the anesthesiologist came in and took care of that and talked about the drugs they would use blah blah. And decided I would be fine to have some narcotics in the IV even though I have a sensitivity to all that.

(I'm going to go over more c section details later because I get frequent questions about that) 

I was in the OR by 7:30 and at 7:57 AM Soren was born. 

They held him over the curtain thing (thank god for the curtain) and my first words were "Wow he doesn't look anything like Jasper or Tindra" (because in my mind he was supposed to be identical to them. Even though their birth pictures don't actually look anything alike even if they are twinsies now) And then they whisked him away (like 8 feet) to clean him up and do the things they do to newborns. 

At this point I kept asking why it was taking so long, because it felt like they were 'working' on me foreverrrr even though it wasn't long.

And then the nausea hit. At this point Drew had brought Soren over to me, but I couldn't even see straight and just kept saying ' I don't feel good..I think I'm going to throw up' I kept mumbling it over and over again and I think they just didn't take me seriously? But finally Drew saw my face and said something like "she's going to be sick." Apparently a look he knows too well. 

The anesthesiologist brought over a big cup thing next to my face, and I threw up for the next few minutes. Honestly some of the worst minutes of my life. Throwing up, while lying on a table with your abs cut open and multiple hands INSIDE OF YOU is even worse than it sounds. I promise. 

Someone then stuck some patch thing behind my ear which caused the  nausea to disappear instantly. Thank God. 

The worst few minutes were followed by the best.

Drew had been standing back a few feet that whole time holding Soren and as soon I felt good he brought him right over. Drew kept saying "He's opening his eyes" as soon as I started talking, and as soon as Drew brought him closer he (Soren) pushed his face up against me and started nuzzling me. It was one of the best moments of my life. He clearly just knew who I was and wanted to be close to me. There are no words to adequately describe that moment, so I won't even try.

As soon as they were finished stitching me up and doing whatever it is they do (clearly I don't ask a lot of medical questions) we all went into the recover room together. Drew and Soren went in ahead of me, maybe a minute before and as soon as Drew brought him right to me again, Soren placed his head on face. The nurse said he needed to start nursing right away because he was such a big boy, so within minutes of being in recovery he was nursing like a champ. How amazing is it that they are born and just know what to do immediately? So in awe of these little babies. 

Noteworthy: As soon as Soren was born and they had showed me him they went to the corner and cleaned him up and did all the newborn stuff that they do, along with his apgar scores. And shouted out that he scored 9 and 10. Apparently thats a big deal and babies basically NEVER score a 10. The whole rest of our stay nurses and docs kept remarking about the 10 baby, and most said he was the first baby they had ever delivered/taken care of that had scored a 10. Setting records at just minutes old! 

The rest of the hospital stay went quickly. I stayed there by myself and had Drew go home to be with the big kids and I begged to be released early and since we were both healthy we checked out of the hospital Tuesday morning, just 50 or so hours after Soren was born. 

As promised I will go into more details regarding c section so leave any questions you have about that here or email me and I'll try to answer them!

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  1. I would like more c section details as I will have to have one in june and I'm terrified

  2. are you seriously wearing false eye lashes for birth?

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    2. How 'bout we focus more on her sweet baby's birth story and not what her naturally pretty and thick eyelashes look like?!